Are you ready to Code Your Art Out?!

By: Frederic Harper, March 1, 2011

You probably heard about the Great Canadian Apportunity contest for Mobile Developers. Don’t be sad if you are a Web developer, we have a competition for you: Code Your Art Out!

You have a good Web project idea that could help a non-profit organization? You need to register for the competition. You will help an organization, and you get a chance to win some amazing prize:

  • First place: 10 000$;
  • Second place: 5 000$;
  • If you choose a project from the list TechSoup made, and you finish at the first or second place, you could win another 5 000$. Isn’t it crazy?

Wait a minute, don’t start coding before reaching the end of this blog post. You have to keep 2 important things in mind :

  1. Your application will be judge by three main criterias: Interoperability, Creativity and Usability.
  2. Your application will need to run on IIS or on Windows Azure.

If you want to compete, you need to register as soon as possible and submit your project idea. After you register, we will review your idea and accept or decline the project and you will receive a notice about the decision. After this, start coding… and you’ll need to submit your application before the 1th of June.

If you want more information, you can visit the website, Facebook page and event or Twitter account (use the hashtag #codeyourartout). Don’t forget to check our list of technical resources that can help you. If you have any question about Interoperability, just ask me, I am the King of Interop, haha! It’s now time to let the Web technology help non-profit organizations…

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One comment on “Are you ready to Code Your Art Out?!
  1. Nice opportunity. When will you conduct this?

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