ASP.NET and Open Source together, seriously?

true-story-neil-patrick-harrisHey, why not start the weekend with a good news? You know that we usually talk about the cool stuff here like Open Source, Open Standard, Open Data, Interoperability and Open Gov. I have a good news for you! This week, Scott Guthrie made an awesome announcement on our ASP.NET Web stack: it’s now Open Source!

Yes you read the right thing, the sources are now available on CodePlex. As the ASP.NET MVC code was Open Source from the version 1, it was not the case for some other technology in the ASP.NET stack of love (like Scott Hanselman like to say). We have just released the sources for ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor) and ASP.NET Web API. It’s a great news that will give you the opportunity to have access to the code with Git and contribute if you want.

If you want more information, you can read the Gu announcement, read the blog post Hanselman did or go directly to the CodePlex page to start to play with the code. True story…