Interview with Code Your Art Out-er Tony Yang

This is an interview with Code Your Art Out-er contestant Tony Yang. Learn more about what Tony is buildng for the competition and what he will do if he wins!

Code Your Art Out-er Kowsheek Mahmood!

An interview with Code Your Art Out-er Kowsheek Mahmood, as he touches on why he decided to particpate and what prompted him to pick the project for The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada.

Open Source and Microsoft Panel Discussion

Does Microsoft really care about Open Source? Is it “part of a ploy” or an earnest effort to “build bridges”? What does Microsoft do with Open Source communities & projects? This panel is your opportunity to find out! Here’s your chance to ask questions, voice your concerns, offer ideas, suggestions and vent, if you’re so inclined. Guaranteed to be a lively discussion!

Code Your Art Out?

A few questions have come up regarding our beloved coding competition “Code Your Art Out”. Read on for the most frequently asked questions, including the background on the competition, where the name comes from, and how charities can participate.