Interview – Michael Dkmetzian on Mobile Open Source

This is the second instalment of our interview with Michael Dekmetzian (amickey_), a mobile developer we met at MobileCamp Montreal. In this clip, Michael discusses the fragmentation of open source mobile platforms and Nokia’s adoption of Windows Phone 7. Specifically, Michael sees Android’s fragmentation across devices as a challenge for both mobile developers and users. … Continued

Interview – Michael Dekmetzian on JQuery Mobile

Meet Michael Dekmetzian (amickey_), a mobile developer we ran into at MobileCamp Montreal. We sat down with Michael during the event, and had a long chat about the world of mobile development. In this first instalment of our chat with Michael, he discusses jquery mobile and the potential it offers mobile developers to easily create … Continued

Interview – Evan Prodromou on Open Source

Meet Evan Prodromou (aevanpro), the Founder and CTO of StatusNet. For those of you who don’t know what StatusNet it, it’s the social platform that powers — so yeah, kind of a big deal. In any case, we got a chance to ask Evan some questions about the world of opensource software and what … Continued

Interview – Brendan Sera-Shriar from Presswork

Meet Brendan Sera-Shria (digibomb), a man who wears a lot of hats, but who most recently co-founded PressWork, an open source WordPress framework. Press Work is the first completely open source WordPress frameworks, and is HTML5 compliant. During our chat, Brendan discussed what makes PressWork special. He also discussed their decision to give it away … Continued

Interview – Dov Amihod from Happy Stuff

Meet Dov Amihod (doooov), one of the founders of Happy Stuff, a mobile app the lets users buy and sell things locally. I recently had a chance to chat with Dov and ask him about his experience as a mobile developer. Among the things Dov discussed with us were: Why Happy Stuff launched on the … Continued

Interop & Flexibility: Interview with Mike Maddaloni (@TheHotIron)

Meet Mike Maddaloni (@TheHotIron), a business technology blogger and Founder & President of Dunkirk Systems (@TheHotIron). Mike’s been building stuff since the first dot-com bubble, so I recently asked Mike for his input on the world of Open Source and how it’s evolving.