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Welcome to MWNW

Welcome to the new Make Web Not War! Over the summer, the MWNW team decided to take the site offline and to truly re-imagine and rebuild the #webnotwar online community – and we are UBER EXCITED to introduce you to

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One Week Away From The Most Epic Hackathon!

Now that Family Day is here, this just means that we are only ONE WEEK AWAY from the the MWNW ConFoo Hackathon in Montreal! For those of you who haven’t registered yet, here’s your chance to do so. We assure

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HTML5mtl and MWNW Hackathon was absolutely beautiful!

The Art of Hack

Fresh from our hackathon with HTML5mtl this past weekend, everyone’s been asking us if any really cool apps came out of the hackathon. And let me tell you – we were completely blown away. No, seriously. I think most of

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Join The Movement: The HTML5mtl + MWNW Hackathon!

Join the Hackathon!

  Do you have an awesome WordPress site? Do you love building great apps? Are you an HTML5, JavaScript, or CSS3 genius? Do you love good food and better drinks? Do you want a FREE Xbox and Surface? If you

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Introducing FoxIE


If you’ve ever built a website or web application then you’ve undoubtedly gone through the pains of opening multiple browsers on multiple operating systems and have likely called a friend or uncle to ask them to test it on their

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Getting started with Open Government

When I first joined the Make Web Not War team, I was tasked with understanding and contributing to Open Government initiatives in Canada. This seemed like a relatively straightforward task at that time. I mean, we all know (don’t we?) that Open Government

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