WebMatrix and DotNetNuke (Part 4 of 6): Using Razor Scripts in DotNetNuke

WebMatrix is Microsoft’s new suite of technologies designed to make creating websites easier.  There are four major components to the new WebMatrix “Web Stack” IIS Developer Express – a new free lightweight web-server, based on IIS 7, that runs on all versions of Windows and does not require Administrator level permissions SQL Server Compact Edition … Continued

Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta Released, Web Marketplace Announced

In April at MIX11, developers were shown a glimpse of the rich functionality in the upcoming Windows Phone OS update codenamed “Mango”. Developers are in for a treat as the new set of Windows Phone developer tools have finally arrived. Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta is the latest release targeting the upcoming Windows Phone … Continued

Installing PHP on Windows Azure leveraging Full IIS Support: Part 3

In my last two posts in this series [Part 1, Part 2] we have created a Start-up script to install PHP on our Windows Azure Web Role, we have created the necessary Cloud Service Definition and Cloud Service Configuration files. In this post we’ll look at how to use the command-line tools for Windows Azure … Continued

MIX11 and Windows Phone Re-Cap

During MIX11 the Windows Phone Developer Tools team made some great announcements that will help developers build new types of applications for the next version of Windows Phone code named Mango. From the beginning I knew Windows Phone was a great platform and they had something big.  Now, have they won the mobile space yet? … Continued

Windows Azure SDK for PHP v3.0.0 BETA now available

Maarten Balliauw has announced the final beta release of the Windows Azure SDK for PHP version 3.0.0. A ton of great features have been added giving developers a fuller range of control over the Windows Azure platform from PHP. A great deal of sought-after features have also been added to this build , which is now … Continued