Interview – Si Chen

Si Chen got involved with open source software when he and his wife left their careers as a portfolio manager and a research analyst and started Gracious Style, an online retailer. After building their first online store with Perl, PHP, and MySQL, and he began to work on a more comprehensive solution, which led him … Continued

Interview – Tanzim Saqib

Tanzim Saqib is a .NET Architect consultant, who won Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” award couple times. He helped British Telecom build Web 2.0 for Business SaaS architectures complex widget ecosystem, hybrid MVC, and CMS Framework for their large customer-base. In 7 years in professional software development, he worked for companies like personalized Web 2.0 start-page … Continued

Interview – Zack Urlocker of Zendesk

Zack Urlocker (@ZUrlocker)is Chief Operating Officer at Zendesk, the leading cloud-based help desk software company. He was previously VP Products at MySQL where he was responsible for Engineering and Marketing. He is a frequent speaker and writer on technology. What is your preferred Open Source platform and why? For many people the LAMP stack … Continued

Interview – Jeff Geerling – Open Source Catholic

Jeff ( @geerlingguy ) currently works for flockNote, an online communication company based in Texas, and collaborates on many projects outside of his work for flockNote. He contributes code to some open source mobile development tools for iOS and Android, and contributes code, documentation, and support to Drupal, and dabbles in many small projects for various … Continued

Interview – Glyn Moody

Glyn ( @glynmoody ) has been a technology journalist and consultant for a quarter of a century, covering the Internet since March 1994, and the free software world since 1995. One of his early features he wrote was for Wired in 1997: The Greatest OS that (N)ever Was. His most recent books are Rebel Code: Linux … Continued