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Three ways to set up a Ruby stack on Azure


Microsoft’s announcement of the Windows Azure SDK for Ruby opens up new alternatives and resources for Ruby developers to publish their apps in the cloud. This first version of the SDK (GitHub) supports working with Azure storage & Azure service

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Setting up Ubuntu Linux VM on Windows Azure for Node.js using essential Node & Azure tools on Mac OS X


As of lately I’ve been experimenting with Node.JS and Express for back-ends and REST APIs of web, mobile & Windows 8 apps, such as the Hero & Finder Templates.While Azure Web Sites provide a perfect way to get going fast

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Hacking Open Data with the Finder Template and a Sandwich: Citizen-Ready Apps in Minutes


This weekend I had family visiting, so I wasn’t able to attend any of the OpenDataDay events. However, I decided to do my own “mini-hackathon” during my Saturday lunch break using the new Finder & Hero templates for Windows 8.

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Open Data in Your App: 2 events, 2 days, 2 speakers, 2 templates!

This Saturday, February 23rd is the international Open Data day, and the teams at Québec Ouvert, Montréal Ouvert & OpenNorth are organizing an event – focused on open data. Just 2 days later on Monday 25th, one of the organizers Stéphane

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Finder & Hero Templates: The Fastest Way to Get Started with Location-Based Windows 8 Apps

Today our team is sharing in the excitement of revealing two new Windows 8 templates : “Finder” & “Hero”. Finder Template: user can locate points of interest on a map (e.g. buildings, historic places, etc.), with a sortable menu a

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Pushing for Open Data? 3 Steps to Consider

Open Data is fast becoming a ‘hot topic’ in government. I’m proud to see my colleagues & fellow open gov supporters helping governments around the world launch their cloud-powered open data catalogues: from the Government of Columbia and the European

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