Open Data in Your App: 2 events, 2 days, 2 speakers, 2 templates!

This Saturday, February 23rd is the international Open Data day, and the teams at Québec Ouvert, Montréal Ouvert & OpenNorth are organizing an event – focused on open data. Just 2 days later on Monday 25th, one of the organizers Stéphane Guidoin from OpenNorth is speaking  at our WebNotWar / HTLM5mtl 2-day Hackathon in Montreal, where … Continued

Finder & Hero Templates: The Fastest Way to Get Started with Location-Based Windows 8 Apps

Today our team is sharing in the excitement of revealing two new Windows 8 templates : “Finder” & “Hero”. Finder Template: user can locate points of interest on a map (e.g. buildings, historic places, etc.), with a sortable menu a “Details” and “Directions” options for each point. Hero Template: users can crowd-source location-based data (e.g. … Continued

Pushing for Open Data? 3 Steps to Consider

Open Data is fast becoming a ‘hot topic’ in government. I’m proud to see my colleagues & fellow open gov supporters helping governments around the world launch their cloud-powered open data catalogues: from the Government of Columbia and the European Union, to the Canadian cities of Regina, SK and Medicine Hat, AB. But it’s not … Continued

Drupal &

January 1, 2012 marked the close of the Vancouver’s Bhangra Story exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver. The web portion of the exhibit was powered by the Drupal framework happily running on IIS 7.5 / Windows Sever 2008, which served as a repository of interactive stories accessible from: WebSite for adding & browsing interactive … Continued

OpenGouv by Any Other Name…

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Webcom conference in the OpenGouv track, which is of course French for Open Gov 🙂 In my session: Building Open Government Platforms of the Future I shared my thoughts on the the trends in the Open Government space in Canada and what properties ANY open … Continued

3 Quick Wins for your Open Gov Initiative

[ this article first published on ] If you’re a government agency evaluating ways to get started with your Gov 2.0 / Open Gov / Open Data initiatives, keep in mind these 3 simple strategies for a quick win: 1. Review the terms of use Even if your agency doesn’t have an Open Data … Continued