Why Are My Design Skills Weaksauce?

There is not a day that goes by while perusing the Internet and all its glory (ok, excluding all the haters, trolls and evil) that I find something really well-designed and think to myself: “Why are my design skills so weaksauce?” I see amazing websites and apps that really nail the design and when I … Continued

The Role of Grids in Web Design and Beyond

Have you ever seen a printed flyer, or a confusingly aligned web page or an app that just looks… off? More than likely it was due to the fact that the creator didn’t apply a fundamental of design called the grid. Grids are a effective way of aligning elements such as text and images on … Continued

Ignoring UX Guidelines at your own peril

The Situation It is not unusual for me to talk to people about the Windows Store apps they are building. These meetings are one of the best parts of the job as a Technical Evangelist. I am usually asked to give my thoughts and opinions about their apps. The challenge is that many times I … Continued

Getting Paid In Full Like Eric B. & Rakim with Windows 8

Back in 1987, I was just a shorty just trying to get mine. I threw a CD in the player (we did that back then) and Eric B. & Rakim laid out the beats on getting Paid in Full. At the time, that album was the benchmark of golden age hip hop. But it spoke … Continued

Common Patterns of Markup and Style–Introducing Pears

At An Event Apart in Atlanta yesterday, Dan Cederholm announced the availability of Pears. If you are not familiar with Dan, you might be familiar with the cool design preview site called Dribbble. Pears is an open source WordPress theme that allows you to easily post HTML and CSS so that you can create a … Continued

Tyranny of the OR

Back in the day when I thought I knew everything, it was easy to make sweeping declarations such as: technology x is way better than y only real programmers use x x is much better because it has feature z that y does not WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT So one day when I thought I … Continued