Build a Windows 8 application for your WordPress site – limited offer

IdeaPressA couple of weeks ago, we announced MetroPress, a Windows 8 template to create an HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript application related to self-hosted WordPress site that our friends at IdeaNotion created. I have much good news for you about this!

MetroPress v2 – Now IdeaPress

The guys at IdeaNotion worked hard to deliver a second version of IdeaPress. What’s new in this release? Two main things: change to integrate a module architecture so it will be simpler to add new features (and choose the one you want), and created a module for blogs (as the first version was only supporting self-hosted WordPress site). For those of you that don’t know the project, you just need some basic technical skills with HTML, CSS, JavaScript to use this Windows 8, and publish your application to the store. You just need to download the code, install the free Windows 8 SDK, and you are ready to go. You’ll get access to a template that is already fully integrated in the Windows platform. For the more advanced Windows 8 or Web developer, you’ll find it so easy to use that you’ll probably want to contribute to the Open Source project on GitHub! For more information, you can read the post I did when IdeaNotion shown us what they did (keep in mind that it’s not supporting blogs).

IdeaPress – The online tool

IdeaPress is an amazing template, but you need to be a developer or have some technical skills to be able to use it. So many people wanted to have their Windows 8 blogs, that IdeaNotion created IdeaPress – the online tool. IdeaPress is a step-by-step Web application that will guide you in the customization of IdeaPress (the template) without the need for any technical skills. This guide will help you set the right blog, change colors, add your own logos, choose your categories, and pages displayed… In brief, IdeaPress will do the work for you to start from the template to get you a full-featured, and customize Windows 8 application for your very own WordPress site! No technical skills required, you just need to follow all the steps. At the end, the tool will give you two options: generate the source code that you can use to deploy or modify your application or generate a package containing the source code, and the package you can immediately deploy in the Windows 8 store. IdeaPress is even good for a technical person who don’t want or don’t have the time to play too much with the code!

It’s FREE – 50$ gift card for you!

What I like with these two tools is that they are free. The template is free, and Open Source. The online step-by-step tool, is also free to use, and will generate the package you want for free! On top of that, IdeaNotion is offering a 50$ gift card to everybody that will publish a Windows 8 application using the template or the online tool. Attention, this offer is limited to the first 200 applications published from Canadians folks, but not limited to one per person. What does that mean? To publish a Windows 8 application, you need to have a Windows 8 store account. The price is 49$, so at the end, the gift card will reimburse you the fees. That will give you a free Windows 8 store account, and a free app in the store! For those of you that have more than one blog, the other gift card, will just be some bonus money, isn’t amazing!?

Why I should build a Windows 8 application for my WordPress site?

There are many reasons to do so:

  • Reaching a new audience of readers: readers will be able to find your blog from the Windows 8 store;
  • Getting experience with the Windows 8 platform development (if you use the template);
  • Adding an application to your LinkedIn profile or CV (always good if you are a developer);
  • Giving a new way for your actual audience to read your content;
  • Getting a free Windows Store account (perfect if you want to build more application – think about the 50$ gift card);
  • Offline support for your readers (there are ways with RSS reader applications, but for non-technical folks, may be easier to manage);
  • Getting money if you have more than one WordPress site, and will deploy more than one application (First 50$ card will reimburse your Windows Store account, but after this, it’s free money);
  • Impress your friend with the fact that you have an application that YOU made (hey, you don’t have to tell them that you have no technical skills, and that you use the online tool 🙂 );
  • and much more…

How can I get this amazing offer?

It’s simple! If you have any interest, please contact us at so we can help you! Are you a developer or do you think you have enough skills to put your hands in the code? If the answer is yes, go on GitHub, download the template, and customize your application. You are not a technical person, you don’t know HTML/CSS/JavaScript, or you just want to use the quickest path? Go on, and build your application by using the tool. Once your application will be available in the Windows 8 store, send an email to to redeem your 50$ gift card! It’s that easy!

If you have any questions or problem, please let us know. Hurry up, as it’s a limited offer for the first 200 people!!!