Community Sponsor Spotlight: iQmetrix

We are excited to work with iQmetrix for Make Web Not War. In the 12 years since its founding, iQmetrix has become the North American market leader for wireless retail management software. Read on as founder Christopher Krywulak discusses his hopes for what this event will help achieve and what he’s looking forward to.

Web Warrior Sponsor Spotlight: MWNW is happy to have Jet Cooper back!

Make Web Not War has the privledge to work with Jet Cooper again!! They will be providing us the Twitter Wall for the event. The Toronto-based design team humanizes digital, providing strategy, architecture and interface design services that build smart, capable and beautiful web and mobile applications. Read about why they got involved and what they hope the event will achieve.

Community Sponsor Spotlight: popchips

Make Web Not War would like to thank popchips for providing a delicious snack for our attendees to enjoy. They are really good, we look forward to having more during the conference! So it’s time to have your snack and eat it too. Love. Without the handles.

Web Warrior Sponsor Spotlight: Purica

Make Web Not War would like to thank Purica for providing our attendees with a Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask. All attendees will be receiving one in their WebKits at the event. Purica is helping to reduce their carbon footprint, lets all do so by using our bottles!

Sponsor Spotlight: MWNW welcomes Samsung

Samsung Electronics’ vision for the new decade is, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.” In Samsung’s words, it is an “honor to sponsor an event at coincides with what we as an organization are aspiring to achieve and look forward to sharing ideas and collaborating creatively at this year’s Make Web Not War event.” We thank them for their support, as they answer some of our questions too!

Web Warrior Sponsor Spotlight: BNOTIONS

We’re proud to announce BNOTIONS as a sponsor! They are a socially conscious, Toronto-based technology development and internet strategy firm. Their goal is to deliver rich, dynamic applications while using the latest, most flexible technologies. Their approach has led the shift in mobile and web strategies to incorporate more dynamic uses of the online space in communication, marketing, and sales.