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Three ways to set up a Ruby stack on Azure


Microsoft’s announcement of the Windows Azure SDK for Ruby opens up new alternatives and resources for Ruby developers to publish their apps in the cloud. This first version of the SDK (GitHub) supports working with Azure storage & Azure service

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Setting up Ubuntu Linux VM on Windows Azure for Node.js using essential Node & Azure tools on Mac OS X


As of lately I’ve been experimenting with Node.JS and Express for back-ends and REST APIs of web, mobile & Windows 8 apps, such as the Hero & Finder Templates.While Azure Web Sites provide a perfect way to get going fast

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Windows Store App Labs now available in Montreal, register now, it’s free!

Creative Commons: http://j.mp/10sfTOf

I’m happy to announce that we now have Windows Store App Labs in Montreal. In my post about Notman House last week, I mention quickly the app labs, but I want to be sure everybody understands what is an App Lab!

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Microsoft lounge at Notman House


At Microsoft Canada, we like startups. We want to help them be successful so we targeted three startups spaces where we would be able to set a lounge, and have a Microsoft presence. We already set up a space at

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Build a Windows 8 application for your WordPress site – limited offer


A couple of weeks ago, we announced MetroPress, a Windows 8 template to create an HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript application related to self-hosted WordPress site that our friends at IdeaNotion created. I have much good news for you about this!

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Ottawa Open Data App Contest: 38 000$ in prizes

You are not in Ottawa? WAIT, stay with me for a minute! For the second year, the city of Ottawa is doing a contest for app builder around Open Data! This year, I’m happy to let you know that they

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