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Comment implémenter la gestuelle tactile sous Windows Phone – Cas de Movember Me

Movember Me for Windows Phone

Cet article démontre comment détecter et utiliser la gestuelle tactile (touch gesture en anglais) dans une application Windows Phone. Si vous utilisez l’application Movember Me, vous avez surement remarqué que le jeu consiste à prendre une photo à partir de

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Video Tutorial: Installing Ruby with RVM on Ubuntu Server 12.04

This video tutorial will show you how to setup a basic Ruby environment with RVM on Ubuntu Server 12.04LTS

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How to publish an app in the Windows Phone store

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Hey guys, I’ve heard of a lot of people having trouble submitting their apps to the Windows Store, so I thought I’d take some time to write about what you need to do. Including, what you’ll need, the steps involved

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Three ways to set up a Ruby stack on Azure


Microsoft’s announcement of the Windows Azure SDK for Ruby opens up new alternatives and resources for Ruby developers to publish their apps in the cloud. This first version of the SDK (GitHub) supports working with Azure storage & Azure service

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Setting up Ubuntu Linux VM on Windows Azure for Node.js using essential Node & Azure tools on Mac OS X


As of lately I’ve been experimenting with Node.JS and Express for back-ends and REST APIs of web, mobile & Windows 8 apps, such as the Hero & Finder Templates.While Azure Web Sites provide a perfect way to get going fast

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Unity 4.2 Beta for Windows Store apps released


Unity has released the open beta for Windows Store apps. Last week Unity announced the availability of Unity 4.2 as an open beta for Windows store apps. Don’t know Unity? Unity is a popular game development platform. They have an

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