DevCamp Montreal, an evening you don’t want to miss

DevCamp Montreal will happen next Tuesday. Presented by Make Web Not War, you will have a full night of presentations around cutting-edge technology and exciting projects.

With awesome speakers on the menu, you will have seven presentations in a TED style format. You’ll have the chance to hear from Brendan Sera Shriar, Marc Laporte, Olivier Gourment, Pablo Duboue, Renoir Boulanger, Tom Moreau and myself. The content will go from a Natural Language Generation Framework in PHP, passing by a HTML5 WordPress theme, finishing with a Wiki that contains all the features you want.

We know that most of you will join us right after works, so we will have some appetizers to fill your belly. We will also have some freebies for you and a big prize to raffle. For those brave of you, don’t forget that we will go out for a drink after!

As we are used here, the event will be in Montreal’s style, so be prepared to listen to English talk or French one. We still have some tickets left, so take one, it’s free!

Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rick_claus/6384359857/in/photostream