Drupal &

January 1, 2012 marked the close of the Vancouver’s Bhangra Story exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver.

The web portion of the exhibit was powered by the Drupal framework happily running on IIS 7.5 / Windows Sever 2008, which served as a repository of interactive stories accessible from:image

  • WebSite for adding & browsing interactive StoryMap built using Silverlight & Drupal GeoTagging
  • Touch-screen displays in the exhibit space for browsing stories
  • A mobile application for interacting with stories “on-location”

These comprised a powerful platform that not only provided a rich experience for those attending the exhibit, but also those interested in accessing the Bhangra stories via web and mobile devices.image

The Drupal framework served as a backbone to bring together the content with the Open Layers and Open Layers Geocoder modules (on the administrative back-end), and exposed via Silverlight map on using XLM/RSS feeds (on the front-end). With Drupal 7, the bits & pieces to enable this interactivity are being updated, as described by Colin Calnan of Raised Eyebrow in his recent blog post.

The same Silverlight code used for the web-based interactive map was used to power a Silverlight Out of Browser application (right click on the Silverlight map –> Install…), and a Windows Phone 7 mobile application built by RedBit Development – all leveraging the same XML/RSS feed for content and geo-location of stories. image

Together these delivered Bhangra programming in a unique, multi-functional way that helped the museum capture & communicate the stories about intercultural relations, hybrid identities, and strengthen community ties with(in) the South Asian community in Vancouver.