Epilogger. We’ll Remember.

Post written by our community friend Michael Nussbacher.

It’s been quite some time since I did a post for the good folks at WebNotWar and it feels like coming home. A lot has happened over the past 2 years, since my last post. People attended conferences, parties, product launches, workshops and movie premiers. Even more people have occupied Wall Street and Bay Street, zombie walked, and grew a Moustache for great causes. Epilogger was there and We’ll Remember.

Chris Brooker and I started Epilogger because we came to the realization that life is fleeting and even in this very connected world we live in where people share everything through social media, memories are scattered to the winds in the vastness of the internet. You go to an event and tweet, blog, check in, take pictures only to come back from the event and have a hard time finding the shares from your friends and anyone else who was there with you. How many times have you caught yourself asking people “where are the pics from last night?” or wanted to look back at the media from an event a few weeks ago only to find that it’s all gone while that photo taken of you by that photographer whose name you forgot is all but lost? We have, and felt it was time to do something about it.

Epilogger aims to be THE place to go to relive an event as it was experienced by all in attendance and even those who were there in spirit. We automatically collect all the media for an event and make a sexy scrapbook that looks great right out of the box. Because we are in the business of recording it for all time, Epilogger serves as the time capsule of the event for years to come. ¬†Naturally there are some things that are not shared to to web right away at the event, like brilliantly edited video, and we encourage you to contribute to the archive and leave your mark on history so you can say “I was there.” The real beauty of Epilogger is that we are giving people the chance to write history as it was seen through their very eyes, not just those of the “winners of the war,” so to speak. You can even think of it as a “hive mind” memory of the event as it transcends “closed” social networks and records the event as seen by all, even outside your immediate network. That means even if you were physically at the event and missed something, you can catch up later when you’re good and ready. What’s more is that the system presents a great way to get exposure for the work you put into documenting an event (e.g. your blog post, photo set on flickr etc.) since its likely that many eyeballs will be looking at the event page to see what went down. If your work is up there in lights you can start counting your new hits!

We also provide some great facts about the event that get automatically generated into a beautiful, ready to print-and-present report that will give much meaning to the archive. If you work at an agency or are an event planner with constituents asking what the value of their sponsorship dollars was, the reports and archive should paint a great picture for them.

¬†We launched our private alpha a few months after our appearance at Code Your Art Out 2011 and we’ve gotten some great traction and feedback from our user base. You can bet that the public beta will be greatly improved when we release it mid-December and you’re welcome to sign up to be one of the first to get a chance to discover the system. Microsoft and Make Web Not War have been great friends of Epilogger and we’re excited to see you at the Make Web Not War Community Night!