FastCGI Extension 1.5 Available for IIS 6.0 and IIS 5.1 Beta

Built off FastCGI Extension 1.0, the new version of FastCGI has a bunch of awesome improvements and features to make interfacing interactive programs with IIS even more easy and efficient. It’s also free and ready to install with Microsoft Web Platform Installer, just click here.

Here are some neat benefits you’ll see in FastCGI Exchange 1.5:

– Monitor your file changes for each FastCGI process pool. This extension will recycle FastCGI processes for the process pool if any changes are found. You can use this to recycle PHP processes when changes occur to php.ini files as well.
– Real-time tuning of maxInstances setting. MaxInstances determines the number of FastCGI processes that can be launched for each application pool, and in turn, the number of requests that can be processed at a time. Save tons of time troubleshooting by setting maxInstances to 0 and FastCGI will do the rest, adjusting based on the system load and number of requests in queue.
– Sending a termination signal to FastCGI processes. This will shut down your processes without destroying them by warning about the shut down first.
– Relaxed enforcement of response headers syntax. IIS now acts more like other web servers because the rules for response headers are much more lax. You’ll notice an improvement when running install.php code and the ActivityTimeout response pops up much less frequently.

For more information, check out these links:

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