FoxIE: Modern browsers & standards

foxIEWho said that Microsoft employee throws water balloons whenever they see a Mozilla employee? And who said that a Mozilla employee make nodes laces of Microsoft employee each time they see us at conferences? We are both companies, doing Web browsers, working for a more open Web, and liking Web standards!

Let me introduce you a series of videos that I found really interesting. Rey Bango from Microsoft, and the friend Christian Heilmann from Mozilla did a four part series of video, named FoxIE (do I really need to explain the name?) on modern Web browsers, and also on standards. With their respective expertise, they gave their opinions, and talk about four topics:

  1. Web Tools and Browser Testing;
  2. The Great Divide: Coping with Modern and Legacy Browsers;
  3. Implementing Modern Web Standards;
  4. HTML5 and Modern Web Development.


Introducing foxIE


Except the fact that Christian is a way to whitey for the Florida sun, how did you find the videos? Are you enjoying collaboration like this between two browser vendors? Share your thoughts!