Get ready for DevCamp in your city

In a crazy idea of mixing BarCamp, conferences, TED style and communities mixer, we are excited to invite you to our inaugural DevCamp series presented by Make Web Not War that will take place in 3 cities: Toronto (October 25th), Vancouver (November 15th),  and Montréal (November 29th )

What is DevCamp?

Like I said DevCamp is a mix of all the things you love from different events:
  • The less formal environment that we all love from BarCamp events
  • The good content and awesome speakers we have in conferences
  • The quick and right-to-the-point innovative and exciting talks we saw at TED or TEDx.
  • The power to meet other technology enthusiasts and the pleasure to network in a community mixer.
All the events are free, but you need to register here: Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal. It’s going to be an evening where you’ll get to meet other passionate developers like you!

What the evening will look like?

6:30pm to 7:00pm      Registration and Snacks
7:00pm to 7:10pm      Intro
7:10pm to 9:50pm      Get dirty (TED style talks + break)
9:50pm to 10:00pm    Raffle
10:00pm to 10:10pm  Conclusion
11:00pm                     Expect the Unexpected

Questions you may have…

Can I present?

An event like this wouldn’t be awesome if nobody has a good topic they want to share. What do you want to share with other developers? Is it something magical, something crazy, something unheard of…..well this is your chance! The only restriction is that your talk would have to be on technology: Web, Phone, Cloud Computing… name it! Oh, and it’s not a Microsoft centric event, so you can talk about anything you want, trust us!
The process is simple. Send me an e-mail with your full name, the city you want to present, the title of the presentation and an abstract (maximum 200 words). Unfortunately, we only have eight slots per city, so act quickly to submit your talk. We will contact you to confirm that your talk has been accepted.

Can we help spread the word?

To be a success, we need speakers, but we also need attendees as it would be boring to present in front of two people.   To help us make this community event a success, we need you! There are a lot of ways you can help us spread the word:
    • On your blog; do a blog post about the event in your city
    • Through social media like Twitter (you can use #devcamp #webnotwar hashtags), Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and so on?
    • Are you a part of media, talk about it on your show, newspaper or everywhere you can
    • Are you are doing a technical podcast? Talk about it there!
Everything that will help us spread the word is appreciated.  At the end, you will help us create a memorable event!

Can we sponsor?

Interesting in reaching developers in your city? Want to be part of something cool for the community? It’s your chance to connect with your community.  For more information, please send us an e-mail.
I hope you’ll enjoy this event, but register soon we have a limited number of spots for each event. Be ready for an awesome evening of amazing talks about technology!