I’m pursuing a new challenge, and will continue to make the Web not the war!


Some of you may already know as it’s not a secret anymore, I’m leaving Microsoft to take on a new challenge elsewhere. For the last two years, and a half, I was with you, my Make Web Not War friends, so I wanted to let you about this big change.

This is the time for me to take a new challenge, but let me tell you that it was a real pleasure. As one of the leaders of Make Web Not War, I had the pleasure to run conferences, host community nights, present at conferences, organize hackathons, help at workshops, write some post about amazing technology, and of course, meet great people like you. Fun story, Make Web Not War is the event that open up my angry eyes about Microsoft, way before I join the team, and it’s the reason I accepted the role of being a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Canada. Oh, it’s not perfect, but trust me, Microsoft is more open than ever, and they continue to go in the right direction. I’ll continue to share my experience with the Openness of Microsoft around Open Source, Web Standard, Open Data, and interoperability. I’ll also continue to open the Web, and I’ll still be at the front of anything that help the Web, and go away for any technology religious war: at the end, I’ll make the Web, not the war…

No worries for Make Web Not War itself as it will continue to grow with you, and you may have pleasant surprises soon. Let’s just say that the team will be more active than ever, and you’ll see new passionate faces help to get Make Web Not War to the next level! Since I’m leaving, that mean there is a role to fill, so if you think you could be a good Technical Evangelist with iOS and/or Android background, and who love HTML technology, please check the official offer, or my personal take on it. Last but not least, you may see more posts from me (if I have the time) in the coming days or weeks as I’m drafting some, so it will be like having a ghost in the community, ha-ha.

It was a pleasure my friend…


P.S.: If you come to Montreal, please let me know