Interview with Code Your Art Out-er MacDonald Robinson

 Q: Please tell us a little about yourself.

 A: My name is Macdonald Robinson. I am a Web Developer / Web Applications Developer currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. 

 Q: Why did you decide to participate in this coding competition in particular?

A:  Besides providing me with a way to showcase my talents as a developer, it also pushes me to think of innovative ideas and work with cutting edge technologies to create valuable applications.  I think competitions  like these are essential to moving technology forward.

Q: What do you hope to gain from your participation?

A: Being able to participate in a competition which is supported by Microsoft is such an honor. Just to be able to state that you participated in a competitionon such as this, on a resume, moves you towards the front of the herd.

 Q: What prompted you to pick this specific project?

 A: I have always been the type of developer that was not satisfied simply by creating an application- but have always been the type to create frameworks and CMS systems. This project, which is a perfect mix of a framework with a CMS system, showcases my skills as a developer.

Q: What kinds of technologies will you be using?  Are you using Azure or IIS?

 A: The application will use the following technologies: C# ASP .NET 4, Entity Framework, MSSQL Server, Telerik Controls, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, RSS, XML, JSON, IIS.

 Q: If you win, how will you spend the 10k?

 A:  I will invest it.

 Q: Anything else you want to say?

 A: Just wanted to thank the team for coming up with this compatition.