Java also loves the Cloud

Meditation with my old Java books
Fellow Java developers, I didn’t want to leave you alone yesterday with my blog post about PHP in the cloud. As a former Java developer, I created Java applications and Applets for around 5 years, I’m sure you also want to know if you can scale your application in the cloud.
The answer is yes: you can take the advantages of Windows Azure with your actual or future applications. There are two main places for you:

  1. Java Developer Center
    If you have to remember only one resource, this is the Java Developer Center. You can download the SDK, see some Hello World and more complex examples as API references to help you build your cloud ready application.
  2. Windows Azure & Java Interoperability Bridges
    I wouldn’t have been able to talk about Java & Windows Azure, without talking about the Interoperability bridges: a great resource about everything around Microsoft technology and non-Microsoft one. In our case, you have more valuable resources like some articles around some tools for Eclipse users.


Most of the people that are developing using Java are using Eclipse. What is great, is that they are some plugins that you can use to easily build your packages for uploading to your Windows Azure account, right from the tool.

I don’t want to repeat myself, but there is an amazing thing for you right now. First, you can try Windows Azure for free. This offer doesn’t have an expiration date, but let me tell you that you want to do it now: as the cloud computing is more and more use in the industry, you want to know how to get the most of it as soon as possible. Also, for a limited time, there is this program call Developer Movement around Windows Phone, but also, on the topic that interest us now, Windows Azure. With the program, you can get free gift certificates:

  • Submit an application using one Windows Azure service and get a 20$ gift certificate for ThinkGeek.
  • Add a second Windows Azure service and get another 15$ gift certificate for ThinkGeek.
  • Add a third Windows Azure service and get another 50$ gift certificate for ThinkGeek.

I don’t know about you, but if someone would tell me that I can get 85$ in gift certificates by deploying one application with 3 Windows Azure services, I would do it. So why waiting about your employer, your future boss or your customer to ask you about this cloud thing: go ahead and learn how to do it now, you’ll see the cloud is awesome.

I’ll leave you with this 27 minutes introduction on how to use Java with Windows Azure, enjoy!