Long live Make Web Not War!

Make Web Not War (MWNW)  emerged in 2009 in Toronto. The vision was to bring together open-source communities and Microsoft to explore the possibilities of using open-source technology on the Microsoft platform. No one knew if the idea would fail or be deemed visionary, even cool. Luckily developers thought MWNW was worth exploring and the launch was an overwhelming success. The event was repeated the following year in Montreal and then in Vancouver in 2011. Its latest iteration was a smaller, community-style night hosted in downtown Toronto on December 1st, 2011.   The event was praised by attendees, speakers and sponsors.  The speakers had the audience laughing in their seats and during breaks attendees enjoyed the yummy eats and cold bevvies served up by the Drake while chatting with Toronto’s most active tech community members.   We were so excited about the feedback around the event that we started planning community nights in Montreal and Vancouver the very next day.

For those in attendance (in-person or via live stream)  you know I was co-hosting with my @InteropPrince.








One week after our first community night  the newest web warrior decided he was ready for battle!   My @InteropPrince, Sasha Christopher Thiara, was born December 9th 2011 at 5:59 pm :).   I thought I would share the news in my last blog post.  He is crying in this photo because he found out he missed a great party the week before. 😉

It’s been an honor and a privilege to work on the coolest event series (in my opinion)  that Microsoft has ever done.  The best part has been the AMAZING people I’ve met in the Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver tech communities. The talent, drive and enthusiasm is contagious and I am forever grateful to have met such stellar peeps.

The MWNW team is like my family and I will miss them dearly but will watch their success from the sidelines.  Long live Make Web Not War!!   @InteropQueen and @InteropPrince signing off.  Happy holidays to all!