Lookin’ Back

Make Web Not War emerged in 2009 in Toronto. The vision was to bring together open-source communities and Microsoft to explore the possibilities of using open-source technology on the Microsoft platform. No one knew if the idea would fail or be deemed visionary, even cool. Luckily developers thought MWNW was worth exploring and thelaunch was an overwhelming success. The event was repeated the following year in Montreal and then in Vancouver in 2011. Its latest iteration was a smaller, community-style night hosted in downtown Toronto on December 1st, 2011. MWNW has evolved from one big event per year to a flourishing tech community participating in activities around Canada throughout the year, both on and offline. The community welcomes anyone who is excited about the latest trends in web, mobile, cloud, and open data. Whether you like .Net, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, use open source or commercial software (or both) Make Web Not War is about building technology solutions that work together..

In order to promote some friendly and fun competition we added a coding competition to the mix. The overall purpose of the coding competition was to create applications that utilized open source technologies on the Microsoft platform. The first version of the competition was named FTW!. The top 3 finalists for FTW! battled it out at the Toronto and Montreal Make Web Not War events. We even had a boxing ring! In 2011 we explored something a little different and came up with Code Your Art Out. This competition was structured to help out non-profits and focused on trying out Azure.

As we enter 2012 it’s exciting to think about what’s next! Stay tuned!