How to Compete

  1. Register for the competition.Your project idea will be reviewed, then accepted or declined. You will receive notice either way. Once an idea has been approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a phone call.
  2. Start to develop your web app. If you want to be eligible for the $5,000 bonus prize, your project must be selected from this list TechSoup Canada Coding Competition, being managed by TechSoup Canada.  If you’re a non-profit not on this list you can still participate.  We just need you to work with TechSoup Canada to be added to the official project list.
  3. Code or port your app onto Window Azure or Windows Internet Information Services (IIS). This is the only technology requirement for the competition. Check out the resources page for training, tools, Free pass for Windows Azure and free hosting for IIS. We have a technical support team dedicated to helping you, both is scoping your project and along the way.
  4. We’ll have project meet-ups at The Yorkville Media Center on March 28th and April 21st from 5-9pm. Come out and work amongst your peers in a fun atmosphere while getting tech support from Microsoft.
  5. Submit your app by June 1st at 5pm EST. The top 2 finalists will be decided June 10th at 5pm EST. These 2 finalists will present their application on June 24th at the competition finals in downtown Toronto.  Microsoft will pay for travel to Toronto if you’re not located within 4 hours of downtown.

Your application will be judged on the following criteria.

Category Explanation
Interoperability How well the application showcases and uses different technologies.
Creativity The originality and novelty of the application.
Usability The ergonomics of the app and how well it accomplishes its task. Usability is not necessarily simplicity; complex apps can be usable if they help the user manage that complexity and help simplify the task.

Points across all categories and judges will be added up and the top 2 scoring apps will battle it out to a live audience in Toronto on June 24th.

First place will be awarded $10,000! Second place wins $5,000! And, there is a bonus prize of $5,000 to be awarded by TechSoup Canada to one or both finalists, based on non-profit application eligibility.

Please review Terms and Conditions prior to registering.