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The Windows Azure platform has been built from the ground up with interoperability in mind. As an open platform, Windows Azure offers choices to developers. It allows them to use multiples languages (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java or .NET) and development tools (Eclipse or Visual Studio) to build applications which run on Windows Azure and/or consume any of the Windows Azure platform offerings from any other cloud or on premise platform. With its standards-based and interoperable approach, the Windows Azure platform supports multiple Internet protocols including HTTP, XML, SOAP and REST —key pillars of data portability.

Get Started

  1. Install Windows Azure SDK and Tools (choose from the “Interop SDKs and tools”)
  2. Create your application. Use Azure Solution Accelerators, Hands on Labs, and other resources to help you in your development.
  3. Get a Windows Azure pass.
    We’re offering a Windows Azure platform 30 day pass, so you can put Windows Azure and SQL Azure through their paces. No credit card required. Promo Code CYAO2011
  4. Deploy your application to the cloud Learn how to deploy and run your sample application in Windows Azure.
    Start the tutorial

Do you need help? Contact: cdnazure@microsoft.com

Interop SDKs and tools

Windows Azure Storage for WordPress
Windows Azure SDK for Java
Windows Azure SDK for PHP
Windows Azure Command-line Tools for PHP
Windows Azure Companion
Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse
Eclipse Tools for Silverlight
AppFabric SDK for Java™ Developers
AppFabric SDK for Ruby Developers
AppFabric SDK for PHP Developers
Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.3

Windows Azure Solution Accelerators

Memcached Solution Accelerator
Instance Manager
Tomcat Solution Accelerator
MySQL PHP Solution Accelerator
MediaWiki MySQL Solution Accelerator

Windows Azure Scenario Checklists

Follow development scenarios step-by-step with useful checklists.

Windows Azure Hands-On Labs – Get started with hands-on labs that take you through the Windows Azure development process.

Windows Azure How-tos – Learn how to do a myriad of development tasks.

Windows Azure Code Samples – Find code samples that demonstrate how to build applications.


Developing Windows Azure applications for PHP, Ruby, and Java, using Eclipse
Deploying/Running PHP on Azure Virtual Lab
PHP and
Part 1: Access Control Service
Part 2: Service Bus


Using Drupal on Windows Azure: Hands-On with 4 new Drupal Modules
Check out the Drupal & Windows Azure Companion tutorial
Installing php on windows azure leveraging full IIS support part 3/2

Internet Information Services (IIS)

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