Make Web Not War Windows 8 app is out

Just out from the oven, the Windows 8 application for our Make Web Not War blog is now live on the Windows Store!

Like I wrote in my blog post about MetroPress, the guys from IdeaNotion were working on a version for our site. They used the free Open Source template to create the application. There are a couple of reasons to create an application related to your WordPress blog, like reaching a new audience, and more people. The most important for us was to give another way of reading our content to our readers, so it’s why we created this application.

With this Windows 8 application made with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, you’ll be able to read our latest posts in different ways:

  • Chronologically from the newest to the oldest;
  • By categories: Events, Geek Speak, Training & Webcasts…

You’ll also be able to interact directly in the application, by doing some of these actions:

  • Posting comments directly from the application;
  • Bookmarking the articles you liked, or the one you would like to read later;
  • Sharing articles by using the Share Charm.

Of course, the MWNW Windows 8 app implement features like the snap view, different resolution, and screen orientations, live tiles, and reading selected pages of the site. At the end, it’s a good way to read about what we care: Open Source, Open Data, Web Standard, and Interoperability. It’s also a chance for you to see what we can do with the Windows 8 WordPress template, and build your own apps: remember it’s Christmas before time for developers.


If you have any suggestions, comments or bugs report, please send an email at mwnwcan@microsoft.comSo don’t wait, and install the free Make Web Not War Windows 8 application on all your devices!