MetroPress: Create a Windows 8 app for your WordPress site in a couple of minutes

Do you have your own WordPress site? Would you like to reach more people? Would you like to offer an integrated experience for people using Windows 8, and would like to read your latest blog posts? If you answer yes to these questions, I have a good news for you! Our friends at IdeaNotion created an Open Source template!

A WordPress Windows 8 Template

Build with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, this Windows 8 template for WordPress users (self-hosted one, no wordpress.com support yet) is free, and Open Source. It gives you the ability to create an RSS reader specific to your WordPress blog for Windows 8. In a couple of minutes, you can customize the applications, and make it your own application with your blog theme. It’s an easy way for beginners, less-technical people, but also more advanced people who want to deploy easily, and quickly a Windows 8 application related to your blog. You can also see what one of our attendees did at our HTML5mtl & MWNW hackathon with the template.

Features list

Posts by category

The application displays your posts by categories. It’s a good way to group blog post in the UI, and very convenient for the user.

Recent posts

Most of the time, your reader prefers to read posts from the newest to the oldest. It’s possible as there is another category for the app with the latest posts from your blog.


Of course, your WordPress blog is not just about posts, you also have great content to share with your pages. It’s in the template, and we’ll be displayed in the application for the pleasure of your readers.

Viewing and posting comments

One of the feature that make this template even better than most RSS reader, is that you can view, and directly comment in the application. No need to open the browser. I don’t know about you, but comments on my blog posts are as important as my post itself, and I like when it’s easy for users to comment on my blog.


Don’t have the time to read a specific blog post, or would like to keep it in a handy place for future usage? You can bookmark posts, and you’ll see them in a special category in the application. Very handy feature for the readers that we are!

Live Tiles

No Windows 8 apps like this would be complete without any live tiles. You can see new blog posts directly on the Windows menu: a good way to have your users open your application to read a blog post they missed.

Snapped mode, and portrait mode

One of the most important feature for your application to pass certification on the Windows 8 Store is the snapped view. The template supports it, but also support portrait mode. So many ways to read your amazing posts!

Integration with Searching Charm

Looking for something specific on your blog? Users can use the Search Charm to search inside your application. Nothing more to add to this, but SO useful feature.

Integration with Sharing Charm

We love to share, so your users we’ll like it too. Read a blog post so awesome that they need to share it with their friends, they can do it directly with the Share Charm. Quick, and easy, we like this.

Build your Windows 8 application

It’s easy, you can now download the source, and modify the template to create your own application. If you want, you can follow the quick startingĀ guide IdeaNotion made for you. It’s also a good way to learn about building HTML5 & JavaScript Windows 8 application.

Contribute to the project

One of the good things about this project, is that it’s Open Source, and available on CodePlex. That means you can get the source, fork it, and make your one project, or even better, contribute to this one to add even more features! There is a lot to do with this project, and we hope you’ll join us in this journey as it’s a fun adventure… If you don’t feel like coding for the template, but you see any bugs, let us know in the issue tracker. You can also start discussion on features you would like contributors to build in the template on the forum.


We liked this template so much, that we decided to use it to build our Make Web Not War Windows 8 application with it. In the certification process in the Windows 8 Store, our applications should be available soon. Thanks again to our friends at IdeaNotion! So stop reading now, and go build your app, it’s easy!