MetroPress interviews series – A1-Wrestling


MetroPress interviews series is part of a series of interviews we made with developers who used the Open Source project that IdeaNotion made, MetroPress, to create a Windows 8 application for their blog. We hope that with this series, you will discover interesting blog, and that it will be a way for you to get some insight on the platform, the experience, and on the template these developers used. This one is an interview with Jarret Aubry about his application related to his blog A1-Wrestling.

Could you describe your application?

The A1-Wrestling.com blog is a blog primarily for fans of professional wrestling. We cover both major and independent federations, and we also analyze storylines and make future predictions based on how we think things are going. As the site administrators are big tech geeks, you’ll also find the odd post on new technology.

You can download the A1-Wrestling.com app here: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/a1-wrestling-com-blog/3c0cefbb-975b-4202-8920-6230899a72b8

How was your experience with MetroPress?

The MetroPress app was very quick to get up and running, especially with the documentation provided by the project team. As I get more time to really did into the application, I plan on doing a lot more customization.

Did you have any problem during all the process? How did you solve it?

After first configuring MetroPress to work with my blog and then running it in the Visual Studio tester, I found that the app would launch and attempt to retrieve data and then no content would show. It was puzzling as the blogs would load fine, but the app would not bring in the content even though the project team had verified my configuration. In the end, the problem was with a WordPress plugin called W3 Total Cache. After I disabled this plugin (and did some other performance tweaks in its place) the MetroPress app tested perfectly.

What is your favorite Windows 8 feature?

My favorite Windows 8 features is the new Start Screen and its Live Tiles. I am an early adopter of Windows Phone, so I was very happy to see this feature brought in to Windows 8. I really like being able to take a glance at my Start Screen and knowing instantly if there is anything that needs my attention, or there is new content available from my favorite apps like News, Bing, and Sports – as well as MetroPress!

Did you have another application in the Store or do you have any plan to build another one?

I do have another application in the Store – I also created a MetroPress application for my personal blog, where I talk tech, pop culture, and everything about life. You can download the app here: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/jarretaubry-com/b7d1cc4a-0027-4bd5-9bd7-38a774ffedd0