My City Lives!

Post written by community rock star Paul Jara.

Community is fundamental to the success of MyCityLives. We simply could not exist without people who love their city and are passionate about sharing that love. In difficult times around the world, the web holds evidence that people come together to create and foster communities that work. The growing number of ways that the web has provided a means to show that somebody cares — Facebook’s Like, Twitter’s Retweet, Reddit’s ⇧, Google’s +1, to name just a few — is something that has fascinated the team here at My City Lives.

My City Lives lets people go one step further than a quick thumb’s up by recording the people, places, and events happening now that matter to them. We share stories from thought leaders looking to advance their community, artists looking to engage the hearts and minds of their followers, from all walks of life. Although it is sometimes difficult for us to predict exactly how users are pushing the envelope with the tools we provide them, we are able to easily see what they all have in common: the desire to connect and engage with other individuals around a common purpose so that communities can flourish.

We are thrilled and flattered to have been invited to the upcoming Make Web Not War Community Night in Toronto. This year has proven to be a remarkable year for literally making web and not war throughout the world. As an industry that is often dismissed for providing the most efficient means by which civilization can share videos of their cats, this year the web industry facilitated revolutions. It’s exciting to think about the impact of what we’ve collectively built and events like Make Web Not War are critical to the discussion of what we can build next.

On December 1st, we will show you some of the cool things that we have made and are planning to make to better bridge analog and digital communities. Our team, Adil, Adam, Amira and myself, would love to talk and hear your thoughts. When it comes to building My City Lives, knowing what you like or dislike, are thrilled by or couldn’t care less about, will go a long way towards helping us understand how we can contribute useful tools that help change the world for the better. We look forward to seeing you soon.