Open Data in Your App: 2 events, 2 days, 2 speakers, 2 templates!

DSCN0818_1024x768This Saturday, February 23rd is the international Open Data day, and the teams at Québec Ouvert, Montréal Ouvert & OpenNorth are organizing an event – focused on open data.

Just 2 days later on Monday 25th, one of the organizers Stéphane Guidoin from OpenNorth is speaking  at our WebNotWar / HTLM5mtl 2-day Hackathon in Montreal, where open data is one of the themes.

The 2 open data speakers at our hackathon represent initiatives in 2 cities: Montreal and Ottawa – with Rob Giggey from the City of Ottawa speaking on Tuesday, February 26th.

With all the open data that’s been made available by cities, states & countries worldwide, it makes sense to explore ways to “connect” that data into various apps, new or existing. At the Make Web Not War hackathon and the Open Data day the objective is just that –  to explore new powerful scenarios offered by open data, find new ways to mash it up, and to translate those into visualizations and apps.  After all, open government data is a largely untapped source of information on its own, or mashed up with other sources.

Just last week I blogged about the 2 new templates: Finder & Hero, which are perfect for open data apps. Really! As a big open data advocate when I first heard about the effort to create Windows 8 templates, I said: “We need some open data templates”. IMHO, some of the most interesting data is geo-enabled, and adds a new dimension of insights and opportunities to explore when presented on a map.

So, here’s your chance to explore how open data can be used in your app, and this weekend and the following week with the hackaton @ConFoo, Montreal seems to be the place to be!