Region of York

The Open Data Pilot provides various spatial geographic information system(GIS) data to the public at no charge.

City of Windsor Open Data Catalogue

Citizens are encouraged to use or re-purpose the City of Windsor's open data for research purposes or to improve their interaction with municipal services and facilities. Members of the community can use the raw data provided here to create and share resources from maps to applications and more.

Region of Waterloo Data Catalogue

Region of Waterloo is offering data that includes transit, waste management, food inspections, and doors open. The data is provided in a variety of data formats.

City of Victoria

The City of Victoria is committed to open and transparent government, including improved quantity and quality of documents and records available online. Datasets include, school, recreation, waste management, bicycle routes and more.

City of Vancouver Open Data Catalogue

The City of Vancouver is committed to provide open and accessible data and will freely share with citizens, business, and other jurisdictions the greatest amount of data possible while respecting privacy, legal and security concerns. Datasets include business licence, property tax report, census (local area profiles), Council expenses and more.


The District of North Vancouver launched GeoWeb, a Web-based portal that provides public access to spatial information.