Adam Hayter Action team
Ali Al-Munayer What my neighbours do
Andrew Fogg Data from the outside
Anne Marie Aikins We can do better
Bruce Chau Making it sexy
Bryan Smith Everything that’s available
Daniel Bourgeois Community development officer
David Rauch Many different hats
David Wrate Taking a flyer
Dawn Arnold Big thorny complex
Geoff Zakaib Semantic power
Gillian Vrooman Open Recipes
Harvey Low Tug of war
Jacques Mailloux Crowd Sorcerer
Jean-Francois Gauthier Blood of Democracy
Josh McDougall Huge open ledger
Keith McDonald Hardcore raw
Lori Stewart Doing the impossible
Louisa Taylor Data is scary
Luca Pisterzi Doing science differently
Manjit Basi Create your own trive
Mark Diner The lizard brain
Mark Gayler Peace and harmony
Maryantonett Flumian Process of delayering
Paul Fairie Dots & lines
Peggy Taillon Get your hands dirty
Ric Marrero People get surprised
Rob Giggey Really great timing
Sameer Vasta Let them make money
Steve Scheepmaker Still big enough
Tim Bousquet Bunch of geeks
Veronique Dryden Sharing everything