OpenGouv by Any Other Name…

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Webcom conference in the OpenGouv track, which is of course French for Open Gov 🙂

In my session: Building Open Government Platforms of the Future I shared my thoughts on the the trends in the Open Government space in Canada and what properties ANY open gov platform of the future is likely to feature – articulated as the “3 C’s of Open Gov”:

  1. Community: Engaging with Citizens & Open Gov / Open Data communities and fostering Collaboration, focus on Open Standards.
  2. Crowdsourcing: Building processes to gather and capture knowledge from communities, including 2-way APIs.
  3. Connected Experience: How to evolve the tools, processes & culture to ultimately provide a connected experience for citizens.

I believe that IT systems have a huge opportunity to evolve to support those principles. Of course, while not directly speaking about Microsoft’s technologies, I see many of today’s priorities around web, cloud, productivity solutions & mobile to help revolutionize the Open Gov space. As always, I peppered my talk with examples of a rich ecosystem of Gov 2.0 solutions from the community & government.

The key takeaways are around learning best practices around taking steps toward implementing open data initiatives (examples from BART transit data by Timothy Moore, who co-presented in the same session), taking ‘small bites’ out of the Open Gov challenges (one of key messages from Mr.Henri-Francois Gautrin’s opening keynote) and encouraging more sharing among the open data and open gouv communities.

Bottom line, whether it’s Open Gov or Open Gouv, the message was the same and the insights I gained were fantastic.