PHP in the cloud


You probably know that we have a cloud computing solution at Microsoft named Windows Azure. You may think that because it’s a Microsoft service it’s only about ASP.NET? The answer is no! You can use many technology in our cloud solution, like Java, Python, ASP.NET, Ruby, Node.js and PHP.

When we talked about PHP on Windows Azure, these are the two main places you can get valuable informations:

  1. PHP Developer Center
    PHP Developer Center is your one-stop place for everything around PHP in the cloud. You’ll be able to download the SDK with all the libraries and tools you need to create and deploy your applications on Windows Azure.
  2. Windows Azure for PHP interoperability bridges
    Even if you can find everything you need on PHP Developer Center, I thought it would be good to talk about the Interoperability Bridges too. It’s a site where we put great resources around our technology working with other technology, like in this case, PHP in our cloud solution. In this place, you can find more tutorial, going from a 100 level to things more complex.

What I found really great with the Windows Azure SDK is that you don’t have to use Visual Studio or even Windows to work on your application. We give you the choice of the tools and platforms you liked, the one you used every day. So I can use Eclipse to build my application and after, used command line to build my package on OS X, Linux or Windows!

There are so many advantages to put our applications in the cloud, and so many possible scenarios that you don’t want to miss. Another thing you don’t want to miss is the free trial and an awesome deal we have for you actually. You know the Developer Movement? We added something around Windows Azure. If you submit an app using one Windows Azure service, you get a 20$ gift certificate for ThinkGeek. Two services, another 15$ and a third one, you get another 50$ certificate. Seriously? I’m a big fan of ThinkGeek as I bought many of my t-shirt and awesome Geek stuff there, but I never had the chance to get a free gift certificate!

So, there are many opportunities for you with the cloud and PHP, why not give it a try?