Make Web Not War will be retiring!

Hello All,

As you may have noticed that this community has not been active over the last few months. However we value the engagement, feedback and comments from you all and would love to continue to stay in touch. We are now synchronizing all posts for developers and IT Pros on the following site: CAN IT Pro

However, at this point in time there is insufficient content for developers on the above website and therefore I would like to redirect you to the following link for further reading and engagement:

Additionally, if you are looking for self-help resources on how to work with various Open Source technologies on Azure, please visit our extensive documentation at:
You can also continue to follow us for exciting Open Source at Microsoft updates at the Twitter handle: @OpenAtMicrosoft

Other resources you may find useful vs searching through the documentation link above:

Thank you again for all the wonderful engagement and we hope to continue to see you on our other forums.

Signing Off,

Your Make Web Not War Team