Saving Lives With Open Source Software

I recently had the opportunity to speak on DotNetConf, hosted live on Channel9, about HTBox and the AllReady open source software project. The video is shared below.

More About AllReady

AllReady is an open source project build on ASP.NET Core, deployed to Windows Azure and maintained on GitHub. It is actively being developed and a private beta is being conducted with the American Red Cross. AllReady is the brainchild of folks like Richard Campbell, Tony Surma, Jim McGowan and more, and is the result of over 50 contributors in half a dozen countries from around the world.

There is some real meat behind this project, and you’d have the opportunity to be working with Microsoft employees and MVPs, members of the open source community and the wonderful folks from the Red Cross.

The AllReady team after a code-a-thon
Members of the AllReady project discuss the day’s efforts during a retrospective at the end of a code-a-thon in Bellevue, Washington.

Getting Involved in Open Source Software

The application is designed to support and ease the efforts required to solicit and organize volunteers for humanitarian organizations. Here are some great links if you want to get involved in the project:

  • Visit to find out more about the organization
  • Fork/clone/star the repository on GitHub
  • Check out the demo site, a live deployment to Azure from our dev build pipeline

When you consider working on an open source project, I would encourage you to consider this one. AllReady is a great way to sharpen up on the latest open source software in the .NET stack, participate in a growing and active community and to “code for the greater good”. There are lots of great open source projects out there, in fact, AllReady wouldn’t be possible without the vibrant community of developers living the the open source world, but if you’re looking for a way to share your professional development skills in a way that can help save lives, this might just be a great way to get involved.