Show us your code, FTW!

I would love to take credit for coming up with an idea for our PHP on Windows competition. Unfortunately, I can’t. One of the first competitions was run by my colleagues in Japan in 2008, with the top prize being a trip to Redmond. The excitement around that competition, including some really positive responses from PHP community in Japan was our inspiration for last year’s FTW! competition. Except we didn’t think a paid trip to Redmond would be a very exciting top prize, so we went from $cash$ prizes in 2009 to some amazing DELL prizes in 2010 (Thank you DELL!)

While we’re still hoping to bring out the best and the brightest developers in Canada to compete, what is different this year is the scope of the competition. You can enter your apps into one of these 3 categories:

  1. PHP Application on Windows/IIS or Azure,
  2. Windows Azure Cloud Application (Any language: .Net, PHP, Ruby, Python…) and
  3. Open Data Application (Any language, using any of the Canadian Open Data catalogues).

As a developer, you can submit your own app you already have created, or develop a new app or port an app —  be it Open Source, or not — written in PHP or .NET, or anything else that would run on Windows Server / IIS or Windows Azure.
“Aha!! Here’s the catch!” some of you may say. “It’s got to be on a Microsoft platform.” But of course, we have many good reasons for having that as a caveat – here are some of them:
1)      We all like our jobs here, and it doesn’t make good business sense to promote someone else’s or a competitive platform, even though it may be fun to see those app submissions;
2)      Seriously though, there is a perception that Microsoft platforms don’t support or run PHP apps well. You’d be surprised how much that is not true and we wanted to provide an opportunity and incentive for PHP developers to find out for themselves.
3)      We can always use more PHP and Open Source apps in the App Gallery and Microsoft Web Platform, and it would make me especially proud to see Canadian developers submitting them.  You can read more on that in my recent  iWeb guest blog post.
4)      This is a way to recognize some great developer talent in Canada, like coding competition winners Carson Lam, who developed TransitDB, and Montreal’s own Dac Chartrand with his CMS Sux0r
So, if you are a developer, have some code kicking around – why not see if you can win? Give it a shot!
Oh, and thanks to the awesome guys at iWeb, we may even be able to help out with some hosting for your app. Just email us:  phponwin[at] or hit me up on twitter: @Nik_G or @PHPonWindows

— this blog post also appears on the Make Web Not War blog