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Canadian Open Data Institute connects our local open data communities

The Canadian Open Data Institute (also known as CODI) is an organization that helps drive the open data ecosystem in Canada. Following the footsteps of the Open Data Institute in the United Kingdom, CODI has been connecting local open data communities to ensure that we don’t keep reinventing the wheel — open data is about sharing both our mistakes and successes. CODI was also one of the organizers for the 2nd annual Go Open Data Conference, an Ontario-wide conference with over 200 attendees from all levels of government to learn how to release open datasets and what can be done with open data.

CODI recognizes that cloud is a critical piece to delivering open data to the masses. “You want reliability, open data has to always be there” says Dennis Brink, Executive Director for CODI. “When an open dataset is first released, it’s going to get the most downloads, you want to make sure your systems are scaleable. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms that is flexible and open.”

“The Go Open Data 2014 website was built on Python, Django and Linux on Azure.” says Jury Konga, Co-founder for CODI and Chair for Go Open Data 2014. “The site was based on the previous year’s website and our web developer did not need to learn a new programming language to get it working on Azure.”

Our Make Web Not War community is very excited to be working with CODI to help drive the open data ecosystem in Canada.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.33.30 PM