Welcome to MWNW

Open Source, Open Data, Open Learning: Supporting a Better and Open Web


Welcome to the new Make Web Not War!

Over the summer, the MWNW team decided to take the site offline and to truly re-imagine and rebuild the #webnotwar online community – and we are UBER EXCITED to introduce you to our new home!

First, some background:

Microsoft has had a tumultuous relationship with the open source world in the past (note the emphasis). And thus many moons ago, Microsoft decided to host a series of events and called them Make Web Not War.

Chewie at MWNW

The idea:

Take a group of thought leaders working with the latest technologies whether open source or proprietary, and get everyone to work together. During MWNW Community Nights, there was no discussion about which technologies were better, but instead, there was a purposeful focus on taking these technologies (PHP, Python, .Net, Java, HTML, etc.), mashing them together, and doing interesting and powerful things with them.


The importance of Open Data:

One ideal that was of particular interest to the MWNW team was the importance of Open Data. If knowledge is power then open data is one of the most empowering initiatives that our team could take part in. And thus, since the birth of MWNW, our team has had a deep interest in OData.

Since then:

Since our first events, MWNW continued to evolve and grow. Why just host events three times a year? Why not do awesome things with the different technology communities ALL YEAR LONG? Since then, we have been travelling around the country looking for awesome developers, communities, and projects to work with – all in the hopes of building a better and more open web.


The evolution:

This past year we had discovered one of our limitations – and that was scale. We could only appear in so many cities, accelerators, events, and usergroups in person. We had to expand our reach so that we could truly support open source and open data communities throughout Canada. MWNW was known for throwing exciting and technologically mind-blasting events – but it catered to a select thousand per year.

So, we decided to evolve – again.


Don’t call it a come back

In order to truly serve and support open source and open data communities in Canada, MWNW needs to be an online community that is run by community leaders, supported by technology experts, and powered by Microsoft.

MWNW will not only be about supporting badass hackathons and crazy technical contraptions – we will be a resource that communities can leverage and learn from.

Make Web Not War will strive to foster experimentation, learning, and technical discourse for a better and more open web.

Today, we are truly excited and proud to welcome you to our home – which we hope you will makes yours.