Opening Digital Doors

At Impact we have a passion for all things digital, so working with Microsoft is a dream come true. It was an honour working with Microsoft on their initiative, Make Web Not War, to support open standards, open source and open data. As an independent Canadian agency, we utilize open source packages such as WordPress on a regular basis. Collaboration and openness go hand in hand, so we use Microsoft’s Azure service to host the website and got everything we needed to deploy it. We couldn’t be more proud with the result and how much fun we had working with the Microsoft team!

But who exactly is this small company based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada? Impact has actually been around for almost two decades. With so many years in the business we are able to recognize when it is time for a change. In 2013, we began an extensive strategic overhaul to become more than the standard advertising agency. From our commitment to strategy and research, to our creative and entrepreneurial interests in and outside of the office, to our shared desire to build positive brand experiences, nothing about us fit into the traditional agency mould. Rather than squeeze ourselves into a box we didn’t fit into, we went ahead and came up with a brand new definition for who we are.

Impact is a cultural movement agency.

We don’t simply help our clients raise awareness or sell more products. We help them create and tap into cultural movements. Since Impact’s new direction, the agency has tripled in size, and as our client roster continues to grow so does our awards shelf. What we’re doing seems to be working.