What is Azure?

What is Azure? I have been talking about Azure in detail in my blog in the past and I got this feedback from some people that they need to know a little bit of high level information about Azure and its services to they can decide what kind of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform is going … Continued

Saving Lives With Open Source Software

I recently had the opportunity to speak on DotNetConf, hosted live on Channel9, about HTBox and the AllReady open source software project. The video is shared below. More About AllReady AllReady is an open source project build on ASP.NET Core, deployed to Windows Azure and maintained on GitHub. It is actively being developed and a … Continued

Create a Power BI dashboard using Azure Application Insights Analytics data

In some previous posts I explained what is Azure Application Insight Analytics, and in this post I will show you how you can create Power BI dashboard using Azure Application Insights Analytics data. So to start, you should login to the Azure Portal and navigate to your Application Insight resource there which will look like below: Then you … Continued

Azure Web Apps, JSPM, and GitHub Rate Limits

Problem Our Azure Web App uses continuous deployment. The continuous deployment script uses JSPM to download a lot of packages from GitHub. The problem is that JSPM fails to download all of its packages. That is because GitHub limits anonymous API requests. Solution Configure JSPM to make authenticated API request. Here’s how. CONFIGURE GitHub In … Continued

Hosting ASP.NET Core RC2 in an Azure Web App

  This is how we publish our ASP.NET Core RC2 application from GitHub to an Azure Web App. It’s an algae monitoring API, which we were running with the pre-release of RC2 in an virtual machine on Azure. There were only a few changes to make in order to move to an Azure Web App … Continued

Azure Application Insights Analytic or Kusto

What is Azure Application Insights Analytic or KUSTO Azure Application Insights is a great tool that I find super useful when I need to get some insights about what’s going on with my application (It can be a Website, Web App, WEB API, Windows/Desktop App) and the good point is, your application doesn’t even need to be … Continued