Azure Application Insights Analytic or Kusto

What is Azure Application Insights Analytic or KUSTO Azure Application Insights is a great tool that I find super useful when I need to get some insights about what’s going on with my application (It can be a Website, Web App, WEB API, Windows/Desktop App) and the good point is, your application doesn’t even need to be … Continued

Azure Application Insights in Power BI dashboard

Connect Azure App Insights with Power BI Azure Application Insights has become one of the best tools to collect telemetry data for all sort of application from Web to Mobile and Desktop apps, because it is so easy to integrate with (just needs a Nuget package and an Instrumentation key) and it is so fast … Continued

Azure Functions and how they work

What are Azure Functions? Azure functions are event or trigger driven functions that you can build on Microsoft Azure which you can implement using variety of languages and leverage a lot of Azure features like Continuous Deployment and Integration, Scaling up and Scaling out, Hybrid connections and etc. The Azure Functions idea is that you … Continued

Azure audit logs and diagnostics

WHAT IS AZURE AUDIT LOGS Using Azure Audit logs anything you do to the Azure resources in the azure portal or through Powershell is completely logged and you can go back to them and see who did what and when! The audit log is done by Azure Resource Manager and it logs anything about creating, deleting … Continued

Azure Mobile App – Amazing Platform as a Service

What is Azure Mobile App Azure Mobile App is a part of new Azure App Service and it offers a highly scalable, globally available mobile application development platform for Enterprise Developers and System Integrators that brings a rich set of capabilities to mobile developers. Now what does it mean and how it can help? For mobile or … Continued

Remote Profiling in Azure Web Apps and API Apps

Today I’m going to show you how to do Remote Profiling on an Azure Web App or Azure API App or a WebJob. This scenario happens a lot when you see weird behavior (Slow performance) in your service in a certain environment and you want to know why but it is Production environment or pre production … Continued