Introduction to Azure Portal

Introduction to Azure Portal The new Azure portal provides the easiest way to manage the resources you deploy into Azure. You can use this portal to create virtual networks, use cloud services, set up VMs, set up storage accounts, define websites, and so on. New Azure Portal The New Azure Portal is located at … Continued

Tips on Azure Resource Groups

Tips on Azure Resource Groups Azure Resource Groups are a logical containers to keep related resources for an application or group of applications together. You can decide how to assign your resources to resource groups based on what is the most appropriate for you and your organization and this decision is very pragmatic and is up … Continued

Maximize the benefits of using Azure Resource Manager

Maximize the benefits of using Azure Resource Manager Microsoft Azure team has a hand full of guidelines to help you get the most out of the Azure Resource Manager model when working with your applications and components. Use templates rather than using scripting like PowerShell or the Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI). Using a template allows … Continued

What is Azure Resource Manager

What is Azure Resource Manager The Azure Resource Manager is the new way of deploying your resources in Azure. Previously we were using Azure Service Management (ASM) for deployments to Azure. The ASM deployment is now known as “Classic” between Azure people. Then around 2015 Microsoft release Resource Manager model as the next generation of … Continued

What is Azure?

What is Azure? I have been talking about Azure in detail in my blog in the past and I got this feedback from some people that they need to know a little bit of high level information about Azure and its services to they can decide what kind of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform is going … Continued

Saving Lives With Open Source Software

I recently had the opportunity to speak on DotNetConf, hosted live on Channel9, about HTBox and the AllReady open source software project. The video is shared below. More About AllReady AllReady is an open source project build on ASP.NET Core, deployed to Windows Azure and maintained on GitHub. It is actively being developed and a … Continued