Idea Notion: Building and deploying apps through BizSpark.

New ventures are residing on practically every street corner and web space across Canada. Entrepreneurs, particularly those immersed in digital start-ups, are eager to find the best resources to reinvent and improve their businesses. As a cross-platform consulting agency, Idea Notion provides services that range anywhere between designing customized web solutions to consulting their clients … Continued

We’re 3D Scanning (and maybe Printing) You at Confoo!

The world of 3D Printing is truly an amazing one.  With the rising accessibility of 3D printers and all the open source software out there, paired with the right technology, the possibilities are endless! To support Microsoft and MWNW, as well as take advantage of this awesome opportunity to showcase our latest development, the team … Continued

Could a phone app detect throat cancer?

A team of Russian students are trying to detect throat cancer using a phone app. I had the chance to attend the Imagine Cup World Finals in Sydney, Australia this summer. I was accompanying the students representing Canada. I saw so many amazing projects by students from around the world. When I stopped by the … Continued

Party in the Cloud, Everyone’s Invited

Windows Azure™ is an open cloud platform that allows many different technologies to run so that developers don’t have to choose. Your application may not be written in .NET, you may not know .NET, but you can still use Windows Azure to take your applications to the next level. The Microsoft Cloud, Windows Azure™, is … Continued

Epilogger. We’ll Remember.

Post written by our community friend Michael Nussbacher. It’s been quite some time since I did a post for the good folks at WebNotWar and it feels like coming home. A lot has happened over the past 2 years, since my last post. People attended conferences, parties, product launches, workshops and movie premiers. Even more … Continued