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Idea Notion: Building and deploying apps through BizSpark.


New ventures are residing on practically every street corner and web space across Canada. Entrepreneurs, particularly those immersed in digital start-ups, are eager to find the best resources to reinvent and improve their businesses. As a cross-platform consulting agency, Idea

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Play in Peel inspires Youth Community and improves access to Recreation

play in peel in action

Collaborating for a brighter future Since 2004, the Peel Children and Youth Initiative (PCYI) has made it their mission to provide every child, youth, and young adult with the available resources to thrive and reach their full potential. Between after-class and dinnertime,

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Three ways to set up a Ruby stack on Azure


Microsoft’s announcement of the Windows Azure SDK for Ruby opens up new alternatives and resources for Ruby developers to publish their apps in the cloud. This first version of the SDK (GitHub) supports working with Azure storage & Azure service

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Setting up Ubuntu Linux VM on Windows Azure for Node.js using essential Node & Azure tools on Mac OS X


As of lately I’ve been experimenting with Node.JS and Express for back-ends and REST APIs of web, mobile & Windows 8 apps, such as the Hero & Finder Templates.While Azure Web Sites provide a perfect way to get going fast

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We’re 3D Scanning (and maybe Printing) You at Confoo!

The world of 3D Printing is truly an amazing one.  With the rising accessibility of 3D printers and all the open source software out there, paired with the right technology, the possibilities are endless! To support Microsoft and MWNW, as

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Could a phone app detect throat cancer?

A team of Russian students are trying to detect throat cancer using a phone app. I had the chance to attend the Imagine Cup World Finals in Sydney, Australia this summer. I was accompanying the students representing Canada. I saw

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