Open Source & Microsoft, some resources

Are you serious? A blog post about Microsoft, and Open Source! Yes, we have been playing well with others for a couple of years now, and I think it would be nice to let you know about some resources for you. Open at Microsoft – This is site is the main place about everything … Continued

HTML5, CodePlex & Windows 8

Last week I did a summary blog post of some topics I found interesting on other blogs I’m posting on. I thought it was fun to give you the opportunity to read interesting subjects that we didn’t write about here, so I’m doing the same thing for this week. Top 10 resources for HTML5 developers … Continued

ASP.NET and Open Source together, seriously?

Hey, why not start the weekend with a good news? You know that we usually talk about the cool stuff here like Open Source, Open Standard, Open Data, Interoperability and Open Gov. I have a good news for you! This week, Scott Guthrie made an awesome announcement on our ASP.NET Web stack: it’s now Open … Continued