Chocolatey installs Python where on Windows?

Where does Chocolatey install python? It’s useful to know where chocolatey installs python. A lot of tools use Python. For me that includes Vim, Sphinx, and gulp-imagemin. Those programs read environmental variables such as PATH and PYTHON to know where to find the executable and its scripts. That means we need to know where chocolatey … Continued

Cache busting with SystemJS, Gulp, and Aurelia.

Clearing the SystemJS Cache It’s important to clear the browser cache when we release new builds of our Aurelia application. This is tricky because Aurelia uses SystemJS, which is both powerful and confusing. How do we clear the Firefox cache? As developers, we can use Ctrl + Shift + Del and choose to clear the … Continued

Hosting ASP.NET Core RC2 in an Azure Web App

  This is how we publish our ASP.NET Core RC2 application from GitHub to an Azure Web App. It’s an algae monitoring API, which we were running with the pre-release of RC2 in an virtual machine on Azure. There were only a few changes to make in order to move to an Azure Web App … Continued

Kestrel running Aurelia

Task Run Aurelia using Kestrel on Linux, Mac, or Windows. Why? I would like to get away from using IIS and IIS Express when doing client-side development on Windows. Prerequisites Install ASP.NET Core RC1. You also need a basic understanding of ASP.NET Core. Download the Aurelia starter kit. You also need a basic understanding of … Continued

List all the DNS records for a domain name with dig.exe

BIND is open source. Find its code here.  One of the BIND tools is dig.exe, which we can use to list all of the DNS records for a domain name. Here is how to install it on Windows with Chocolatey. Of course, you must install Chocolatey first. It’s worth it. Then run… choco install bind-toolsonly … Continued

Make Web Not War | Live From Montreal | Feb 5, 2016 | 9AM EST

Join us for a full day conference about web standards, open source and open data presented by Microsoft and LightHouse Labs. World-class speakers from Montreal’s premiere Open Source Community will speak about all aspects of web standards, open source, open data and open government and so much more. You’ll learn about the latest IETF & ECMA … Continued