Kestrel running Aurelia

Task Run Aurelia using Kestrel on Linux, Mac, or Windows. Why? I would like to get away from using IIS and IIS Express when doing client-side development on Windows. Prerequisites Install ASP.NET Core RC1. You also need a basic understanding of ASP.NET Core. Download the Aurelia starter kit. You also need a basic understanding of … Continued

List all the DNS records for a domain name with dig.exe

BIND is open source. Find its code here.  One of the BIND tools is dig.exe, which we can use to list all of the DNS records for a domain name. Here is how to install it on Windows with Chocolatey. Of course, you must install Chocolatey first. It’s worth it. Then run… choco install bind-toolsonly … Continued

Make Web Not War | Live From Montreal | Feb 5, 2016 | 9AM EST

Join us for a full day conference about web standards, open source and open data presented by Microsoft and LightHouse Labs. World-class speakers from Montreal’s premiere Open Source Community will speak about all aspects of web standards, open source, open data and open government and so much more. You’ll learn about the latest IETF & ECMA … Continued

Get Ready… Get Set… Go Open! Introducing Microsoft Open Data Demo Hours

  With less than a week to go until International Open Data Day, the Open Community is buzzing with activity – you can look forward to some inspiring stories, thought-provoking conversations and a few surprises on Friday, February 20th in the am at #ODDTO15.  We look forward to seeing you there! We know that there … Continued

Open Data Day Toronto 2015 #ODDTO15 A year ago, Toronto celebrated Open Data Day with a weekend of activities bringing together over 400 people from government, private sector, and citizens. Our goal was to show citizens how open data can make our world a better place — solving problems presented by advocacy groups including Better Budget TO, Affordable Housing, Cycle … Continued

And the MWNW Icon Design contest winner goes to…

Since the re-launch in October 2013, Make Web Not War has truly grown into a diverse community of developers, designers, and technologists. All across Canada, tech enthusiasts are bringing their best ideas to the table and coming together to build awesome technology solutions. So we thought, what better way to help these passionate folks stay … Continued