Find the images and win an Xbox and Kinect!

Attention all in-person attendees of  Make Web Not War Community Night in  Toronto!   Participate in the Make Web Not War on-line scavenger hunt and win an Xbox and Kinect! If you’re  attending our first ever community night this Thursday you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to win an XBox and Kinect.  All … Continued

Code Your Art Out Finalists!

On behalf of the Judges from Code Your Art Out, we’d like to give a HUGE congratulations to Epilogger and Save the Rain applications for making it into the top two!!   The competition was very tough, and deciding the top two was not easy, but it was a unanimous decision that Epilogger and Save The … Continued

Code Your Art Out-er Kowsheek Mahmood!

An interview with Code Your Art Out-er Kowsheek Mahmood, as he touches on why he decided to particpate and what prompted him to pick the project for The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada.

Interview with Code Your Art Out participant: Alex McNamara of Montreal

Check out our interview with Code Your Art Out participant Alex McNamara of Montreal. He started his own start-up Dreamux as a way to create great tools that address some of the fundamental problems that persist in software development, especially in smaller organizations. Read on for his answer to why he decided to participate and what he hopes to gain from the competition.

Why ‘Code Your Art Out’ for Nonprofits?

Why ‘Code Your Art Out’ for Nonprofits? At TechSoup Canada we are constantly working to connect nonprofits with the tools, knowledge, training and talent they need to use technology effectively in achieving their mission. We spend a lot of time thinking about the reasons why nonprofits aren’t always using technology effectively – cost is a … Continued

Code Thou Art Interoperable?

Code Thou Art Interoperable?  Interoperability ain’t the sexiest the word, or judging criteria for that matter, but alas, an important and meaningful word, especially to developers.  As you may have seen-Interoperability, Creativity and Usability are the three criteria for Code Your Art Out submissions.  Why was Interoperability chosen as one, of only three, criteria?  The … Continued