Vancouver Open Source Week Interview Series: Duane Storey

Duane Storey is an active member of the Vancouver tech community. We were  lucky enough to grab some time with him. Thanks again Duane! Vancouver Open Source Week Schedule Please tell us about yourself. I am a Vancouver resident and active member of the blogging and social media scene here.  When not hacking out code, … Continued

Vancouver Open Source Week Interview Series: Glenn Hilton

As an important contributor to the open source community in Vancouver we were thrilled to chat with Glenn Hilton! Vancouver Open Source Week Please tell us about yourself. I’m the President and CEO of ImageX Media ( We’re a web design and development shop specializing in Drupal content management solutions. I’ve been a Vancouverite all … Continued

Women in Tech Profile: Lauren Bacon

Interview with Raised Eyebrow founder Lauren Bacon on her recent projects and what all developers should know when working with designers

10 Leading Open-Source Advocates & Developers

Thomas Goetz from Wired put it best when he wrote, open source is doing for mass innovation what the assembly line did for mass production. Using the distributive powers of the Internet and disseminating work out to the masses, the open source movement is about putting everyone’s heads together to create better systems. This post … Continued

Dev Profile: Cory Fowler

Cory Fowler (@SyntaxC4) has a lot to share when it comes to working jointly with Microsoft and open source technologies. He’s a Windows Azure MVP and has a huge history of working with open source technologies. Here at Port25, we’re stoked that he’s going to be doing some guest blogging for us on more technical things … Continued

Dev Profile: Angie Byron

Talking with Angie Byron is electric. She has an infectious passion for her work, a hilariously smart wit, and great experiences to share. It was great to have the chance to speak with her about her work, specifically how she got her start in the tech industry and the progress of Drupal. What are you … Continued