Open Source & Microsoft, some resources

Are you serious? A blog post about Microsoft, and Open Source! Yes, we have been playing well with others for a couple of years now, and I think it would be nice to let you know about some resources for you. Open at Microsoft – This is site is the main place about everything … Continued

Interview: Nik Garkusha

We caught up with Nik Garkusha, the Open Platforms Lead at Microsoft Canada at Confoo 2012 this year. In this interview we get some sight into Microsoft’s “Open Government in a Box” Drupal distribution. Datapublic is a fully-loaded platform built on Drupal 7 bundled with over a dozen of custom features and modules that are … Continued

Interview – Jeff Geerling – Open Source Catholic

Jeff ( @geerlingguy ) currently works for flockNote, an online communication company based in Texas, and collaborates on many projects outside of his work for flockNote. He contributes code to some open source mobile development tools for iOS and Android, and contributes code, documentation, and support to Drupal, and dabbles in many small projects for various … Continued

Drupal &

January 1, 2012 marked the close of the Vancouver’s Bhangra Story exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver. The web portion of the exhibit was powered by the Drupal framework happily running on IIS 7.5 / Windows Sever 2008, which served as a repository of interactive stories accessible from: WebSite for adding & browsing interactive … Continued

Calling all Drupal Ninjas!

Join us at The Drupal Business Summit in Toronto on Friday, December 2, 2011! During this free 1-day summit discover best practices from organizations transforming their web strategies with Drupal. Hear from real Drupal users – the why, the what, the how of Drupal. Hear lessons learned, tips and techniques, and best practices for large scale … Continued

Open Source, Versatility, and Community: Interview with @SpicyDesign

Meet Alex ElChehimi (@spicydesign), a Wordpress and web designer from Montreal who makes Wordpress into art. I recently asked Alex some questions about Open Source and what he likes about it. For Alex, the potential of Open Source lies in its versatility and the community behind it.