Clearing the Cloud: Mistakes, Misconceptions and Misuses With Cloud Computing

In the late 1890s, there was a fuel-burning, smoke-blowing generator in the basement of every factory and business in Chicago. Also in this basement were men working to maintain and service this generator to keep it running as best they could. When the generator was working, it was business as usual. When it wasn’t, machines … Continued

A modern look at Women’s role in Technology

As a recent graduate entering the world of startups, design, and tech, I’ve had the first-hand experience of attending several workshops and events that showcased the perks of all things technological. While it was a great pleasure to meet other like-minded individuals through these gatherings, I found that the numbers of women engaged in this … Continued

Bringing a Touch of Craftsmanship to the Touchscreen

Craftsmanship is the key to an app. It is the framework, the mindset, and the skills of designers and developers to mold a platform with all its inherent functions and flaws into an immersive experience that catches and captivates user. Crafting such an app on a Windows 8 touch surface is made more difficult by … Continued

Paving the Way for an Open Data Future

“Our Government is committed to the Open Data movement in Canada and around the world. Open Data is a global phenomenon that holds incredible opportunity to spur innovation and economic growth and improve the lives of everyday citizens. I encourage all Canadians to explore the potential of this powerful 21stcentury resource.” – Tony Clement The … Continued

The Developer Movement final challenge is there

It’s already the last challenge! So many points had been giving. So many prizes have been redeemed. It’s now time for the second edition of Developer Movement to bow out, but it will be done with class! For this last challenge, that will end on June 15th, we have many prizes. For each Windows 8 … Continued