Vancouver Open Source Week Interview Series: John Weintraub

As the leader of the Linux User Group in Vancouver we wanted to speak with John Weintraub! Vancouver Open Source Week Schedule Please tell us about yourself. My name is John Weintraub, and I am an I.T. professional, a consultant for residential, small and medium-sized business users. I am in the process of re-building my consulting business … Continued

How Open-Source Helps Businesses to Innovate

Open-source and closed-source projects both pose unique problems and solutions when it comes to innovation and both innovate in very different ways. To understand why they innovate so differently you need look at their methods and motivation.

Why try WebPI?

The Web Platform Installer (WebPI) gives you easy access to the latest components of the Microsoft web platform. But what advantage is there to have access to the Microsoft web platform? Marc-André Lanciault is the CEO of INBOX International and co-founder of award-winning OSS app, ImpressCMS. ImpressCMS ran solely on a LAMP stack until a … Continued

They Came, They Coded, They Conquered

Coding competitions can be a tricky affair. What merits one app to be “better” than another? Is it how innovative that apps is? How cool it looks? How useful it is? I believe that when an app makes you say “What the #$%@…that’s sick!”, you know you have a strong contender that stands out over … Continued

Make Web Not War – It’s here!

It’s the morning of Make Web Not War and 6600 rue Hutchinson is really going off! Yes folks, it’s finally here: Make Web Not War starts in a matter of minutes. It’s so neat to see the event coming together. There’s everything from intense gaming stations to a massive green screen. Make Web Not War … Continued