Crowdsourcing Errors in Government Open Data Sets

One of the many things I enjoy is digging around with data…you know, finding trends and stats that either surprise or confirm your suspicions….however, this time around, I decided to do it just for fun.  To poke around in data that I have no vested interest in, and on the surface has no real value … Continued

We’re 3D Scanning (and maybe Printing) You at Confoo!

The world of 3D Printing is truly an amazing one.  With the rising accessibility of 3D printers and all the open source software out there, paired with the right technology, the possibilities are endless! To support Microsoft and MWNW, as well as take advantage of this awesome opportunity to showcase our latest development, the team … Continued

Make Web Not War Communities Night in Vancouver

As you saw in this blog, last December, we did a Make Web Not War Communities Night in Toronto. It was a real success: we had awesome presenters, delicious foods and passionate discussions with people from the industry. We are actually in the planning process of the next one, that will be held in Vancouver. … Continued